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Brookland Nursery has gained a reputation for providing a high standard of healthy meals using quality ingredients. Your child will receive a two course lunch which is prepared by our cook using fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Our menus rotate on a 4 weekly basis.

Vegetarian options and puréed baby food are available as required daily. All dietary requirements are catered for. Please note Brookland Nursery is a nut free zone.

Example Menus

DayMorning SnackLunchAfternoon Snack
MondayToast and bananaMince potatoes and peas; Fromage FraisBread sticks with dip & fruit cocktail 
TuesdayCroissant and jam with melon
Homemade chicken and rice soup; meat/cheese sandwiches Natural yoghurt with seasonal fruit 
WednesdayCrackers and cheese with pineapple
Homemade pizza; watermelonMini blueberry muffin & seasonal fruit 
ThursdayPita bread with hummus and satsumasTuna pasta with crusty bread; seasonal fruit Pancakes & spread with mixed fruits 
FridayRice cakes & spread served with grapesSausage & beans; Yoghurt ice lolliesFruit scones & spread with seasonal fruit 
DayMorning SnackLunchAfternoon Snack
MondayToasted teacake & spread with seasonal fruitFish fingers sandwich with Peas; fruit cocktail Melba toast with soft cheese & grapes
TuesdayOatcakes & cheese cubes with mixed fruit
Chilli with rice & kiwi fruitCracker bread with spread & satsumas
WednesdayCrumpets & spread with seasonal fruit
Homemade tomato & red pepper soup; meat or cheese sandwichesWarburton thins & cold meat With melon
ThursdayBagels & soft cheese with pineappleRoast chicken & gravy with baby potatoes and carrots; Fromage frais Breadstick & dip with seasonal fruit
FridayBrioche rolls with jams & mixed fruitBaked potatoes with cheese/beans;Pancakes & spread with seasonal fruit
DayMorning SnackLunchAfternoon Snack
MondayOatcakes & cheese with seasonal fruit Fishcakes & mixed veg served with bread; custardMini blueberry muffins along with bananas
TuesdayRice cakes & spread with mixed fruit
Macaroni cheese with garlic bread; jellyToasted teacakes with fruit cocktail
WednesdayCroissant & spread with seasonal fruit 
Chicken goujons with sweetcorn; pineappleCrackerbread & spread with melon
ThursdayToasted muffins with spread & orangesHomemade Lentil soup; meat or cheese sandwichesCornish waffles & soft cheese with fruit cocktail
FridayNatural yoghurt with seasonal fruit Spaghetti Bolognese; Oranges Pitta bread with humus & mixed fruit
DayMorning SnackLunchAfternoon Snack
MondayToast with jam & kiwi fruit Sausage mash & gravy; melon Crackers & cheese with fruit cocktail 
TuesdayPancakes & butter with grapes 
Lemon chicken served tomato pasta; Fromage frais Rice cakes with spread & seasonal fruit 
WednesdayMelba toast with dips & pineapple 
Homemade Leek & potato soup; meat or cheese sandwichesFruit scones with the option of spread & apples
ThursdayBrioche rolls with spread & satsumas Gammon steak served with pineapple and broccoli & potatoes; Custard & peachesMini blueberry muffins with mixed fruit
FridayToasted muffins with spread & melonsVegetable korma with rice; mandarinsCornish waffles with spread & bananas